Chaosbar Leuven

The chaosbar in Leuven started when some people got really drunk (honesty is everything) and decided to build a DIY bar. That's it basically - and one week later the bar was there. Starting out in the dungeon of the Vaartkom-squat in Leuven in 2008, the chaosbar moved to a squat at the Aarschotsesteenweg after an eviction, and ended up in squat Plan Z in the Weldadigheidsstraat, still in Leuven (even though this building got a notice that it has to be evicted as well on 06/10/2011 - so who knows what the future brings!). Hosting non-profit concerts, bar-evenings, movie-nights, karaoke, and a bit known for the afterparties. The bar is non-profit, any profit goes to autonomous/anarchist projects like anarchist libraries, prisoner support, antifascist action, squats, autonomous social projects and so on. The list is endless!

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Future concerts :
All a bit not-too-sure with the eviction-notice, we'll keep u informed!

Past concerts :
(Probably still some forgotten. Not all bar/movienights are listed, too much to mention!)

08/10/2011 Chaosbar Crust Festival day 3 - Sade, Deafenestration, Sand Creek Massacre, Siphilisation, El Ego, Next Victim, Protest Grotesk. Benefit for Cyklopen.
07/10/2011 Chaosbar Crust Festival day 2 - Diktatura Systema, Attrito, Cause of Divorce, Hostilidades, Autonoma Paradise and the Dreadlocks Terror, Ulrikes Dream + Karaoke afterparty. Benefit for Cyklopen.
06/10/2011 Chaosbar Crust Festival day 1 - Police Bastard, Visions of War, Nahende Vernichtung, Last Legion Alive, Derci Goncalves. Benefit for Cyklopen.
29/09/2011 Hiphop against the system with Test Their Logik, 31840, Woordvoer.
24/09/2011 Maraboots, Hostilidades, Dead Convicts, Sade, Au Goulag + afterparty with Rotte&Loos. Benefit for antifascist action.
17/09/2011 Alpinist, Hessian, Kerouac, Pariso, Midnight Souls, Divine Spark
03/08/2011 Agnosy, Cryhavoc, The Autonomads. Benefit for sticker-printing.
15/07/2011 Hard Charger, Hostilidades, Link. Benefit for antifascist action. 
04/07/2011 Combat Wombat (Australian riothop), L'ame Buccale (local critical hiphop)
08/06/2011 Chickens Call (anarchopunk), Braincell Battle (punk)
01/06/2011 Ulrikes Dream CD-release with Ulrikes Dream, Intestinal Disease, King Terror
25/05/2011 Rebel Spell (punk Canada)
20/05/2011 Pektop, GeraniĆ¼m, Vald. Benefit for ABC
23/04/2011 The Usual Suspects, Spanner, Eastfield, Cop on Fire.
21/04/2011 Buiten Gebruik (d-beat NL), Spotlicks (77punk Sweden)
15/04/2011 Deportation, Al²Ruin, Hostilidades, Empty Bottles. Benefit for anarchist infocenter.
12/04/2011 The Autonomads, Dead Subverts, The Fractions, Transhumania
02/04/2011 Downfall of Gaia, Siphilisation, Lost Union, Link. Benefit for Buiten Dienst.
04/03/2011 Dun2Def (punkrock UK), Life is Damage, The Backbones
11/02/2011 The Octopussys, Lobotomy?, Working Class, Altitude
14/11/2011 Movienight "De Stad was van ons" and "Thank you for smoking!" (with popcorn)
04/11/2011 Overweight, Asbest + more + DJ Melk
29/10/2010 Down To Agony (crust ESP), Eskatologia (crust Sweden)
23/10/2010 Preying Hands, Aguirre, GeraniĆ¼m, Unarmed Riot, Life Ends. Benefit for anarchist centre in Paraguay.
08/10/2010 The Autonomads, Cop on Fire, Hysteria + movie Meat the Truth
03/10/2010 Grindmatinee with Woiczech, Weekend Nachos, Attack of the Mad Axeman, Suffering Mind, The League of Mental Men + coffee, sandwiches, cake
18/09/2010 Last Legion Alive, Lost Union, Global Parasite + afterparty with DJ Bal Marginal vs Sour Sam + vegan food + cocktailbar + Movie "69" about Ungdomshuset.
17/09/2010 Benefit-karaoke. Benefit for the struggle against deportations.
13/08/2010 Ebola, Waifbieter, Meerbeek Scum
11/08/2010 Dubstep
02/08/2010 Punx Picnic crust afterparty with HGW and Dyrector
01/08/2010 Punx Picnic day 3 - Sagarmatha, Contempt, Ram-Man, Sunpower + afterparty with DJ Danceman + Bingo!
31/07/2010 Punx Picnic day 2 - Boycot, The Infested, Deportation, Transhumania, Lobotomy? + afterparty with DJ Bal Marginal vs Sour Sam + Picnic in the park and punkolympics
30/07/2010 Punx Picnic day 1 - Trashcat, Left for Dead, Chaka, Intestinal Disease, Moya Sukah, Ulrikes Dream.
03/07/2010 Opening new chaosbar at Weldadigheidsstraat with Scraiste, Knotarot, Pektop, Dragged into Sunlight, Siphilisation + vegan bbq + dj danceman afterparty
29/06/2010 Info/discussion night about closed detentioncentres.
07/04/2010 Spanner, D'onderhond, Cop on Fire. Opening new squat Plan Z
03/12/2009 Le Ligne Maginot, Waifbieter, Siphilisation, Dis-Traktor. Benefit for squatting in Leuven.
19/09/2009 Cervix, Obnoxious Absurdities, GBO + DJ Freeze. Last concert at Aarschotsesteenweg. 
01/08/2009 Punx Picnic day 2 - Stagebottles, D'onderhond, Lost Union, Iedereen Zo Jotje, The Usual Suspects, Unarmed Riot + picnic in the park and punkolympics.
31/07/2009 Punx Picnic day 1 - Defcon Zero, Armed Response Unit, The Backbones, Idiot Convention, AntiClimax, Makasu Hath Core.
15/07/2009 Fredag den 13de, King Terror, Meerbeek Scum
02/07/2009 Logic Problem (hcpunk USA), Napalm Breath (thrash/hc BE)
26/06/2009 Hardcharger (crust'n'roll Canada), Link (epic crust BE)
22/06/2009 Massmord (crust Sweden), Romeo & Rebecca (punkrock BE)
17/06/2009 Vals (punk NL), Gruk (USA)
05/06/2009 A night of rock'n'roll against state control with Inepsy, Visions of War, Nahende Vernichtung, Alpinst, Downfall of Gaia, Deportation, Sangre.
28/05/2009 Chaosbar open air with Fleas and Lice, Spanner, The Process, Terror Defence
21/05/2009 Constant state of terror (uk punx), Last Legion Alive (stenchcore BE)
12/05/2009 Criminal Damage (streetpunk USA), The Filth (hcpunk BE)
02/05/2009 Lewd, Allegorie, Fucking Pissed, Napalm Breath. Benefit for lappersfort
30/04/2009 Anaeroba (crust Slo.), Natures Failure (crust BE)
18/04/2009 Surfnight with The Stopping Smokers (surfrock) and Pirato Ketchup (surfrock)
04/04/2009 Eastfield (punk UK), Stalker (hardcorepunk)
02/04/2009 Paradox, Drunken Stoners. Benefit for GAL, anarchist studentsorganization.
29/03/2009 Bloody Phoenix (grindcore USA), Black Hole of Calcutta (hc USA)
14/03/2009 Link (anarchopunk NL), Transhumania (rock'n'roll), Siphilisation, Waifbieter. Benefit for antifascist action.
19/02/2009 Kilnaboy (anarchofolk UK), The Usual Suspects (acoustic set), Serpent (anarcousticrust)
17/02/2009 Melete (doomcrust slo.), Sand Creek Massacre (hc/crust NL)
06/02/2009 Assatat (crust/grind/techno/drum&bass), Hostilidades (metallic crust)
29/01/2009 Luvdump (skacore UK), Indemnity (thrashmetal BE)
25/12/2008 Fuck X-mas Chaos Bar
18/12/2008 Transhumania, Siphilisation + DJ Danceman
30/07/2008 Luvdump (skacore UK), Silence Means Death (crust'n'roll BE), Hostilidades (metallic crust BE)
19/07/2008 Croatian punk attack! 
09/07/2008 Offbeat Heroes (UK Skacore)
26/06/2008 HBG + 1 more + disco afterparty
25/06/2008 A den of Robbers (sludgy grindcore), Kasatka (fastcore)
21/05/2008 Cop on Fire (dub the punx), Black Out (dub)
07/05/2008 Infame (punk Spain)
23/04/2008 The League of Mental Men (powerviolence), Nature's Failure (crust) + metal afterparty
16/04/2008 The Lobotomies (punk), Dropping Bombs (punk)
12/04/2008 Drongos For Europe, Eastfield, Koncept + Afterparty with DJ Amok and Bal Marginal