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10/09/2011 - Suspected Concussion (trash, hardcore), Pandaz (streetpunk) @ Café Gonzo, Ninove. Start 20h, Free entrance.

16/09/2011 - MPDS Belgium Fest with Irony (metalpunk'n'roll Bxhell), Dawn of Crucifixion (black metal BE), Rotten Brats (czech hardcore punk), Last Legion Alive (stenchcrust BE), Nailbiter (crust'n'roll UK), Buiten Gebruik (crust NL) @ Garcia Lorca, Rue des Foulons 49, Brussels. Random order. Starts at 18h. €7. Afterparty with DJ Kalashnikov and DJ Belial. Big punk/crust/metal-distro.

17/09/2011 - Voice Your Opinion - Hessian (metalpunk Kortrijk/Gent), The Inequity (metal/hardcore BE), Laatste Halte (raging screaming hardcore NL), Reno (chaotic hardcore Bxhell), Man The Change (passionate dark hardcore GER), Isaiah (screamo post-rock BE), Pariso (chaotic hardcore metal UK), One Ethic (hardcore/metal BE), Midnight Souls (passionate hardcore BE), Kerouac (melodic/chaotic (post)hardcore UK), Birds in Row (crusty hardcore TBC), Daggers (pissed off hardcore), Alpinist (dark hardcore/crust GER) @ JH Ternat, Van Cauwelaertstraat 26, TERNAT. Starts at 14:00.

17/09/2011 - Veusseleir Calling 2011 with The Queers (USA), The Flatliners (USA), The Apers (NL), The Alleyways (USA), The Headshots, The Priceduifkes, The Real Danger, The Black Sheep Bible Belt, Dead 70's Show @ JH De Staminee, Cardijnlaan 8, Vorselaar. vvk 10, add 14euro.

17/09/2011 - Boozefest 2 with Officer Down (UK), The Backbones, Free Boozers + more TBC @ JH De Opvang (vroeger de Zonk), Hechtel, Limburg.

24/09/2011 - Hostilidades (metalcrust BE), Au Goulag (Oi! BxHell), Maraboots (antifa Oi! FRA), Sade (crust), Dead Convicts (hcpunx from Kortrijk) @ Plan Z, Leuven. Benefit for antifascist action. Afterparty with Rotte & Loos (90's, so bring your dancing shoes). Doors 19h, First band 20h. €5.

24/09/2011 - R'n'r Fest IV @ Perron55, Kaldenkerkerweg 55, Venlo, NETHERLANDS - Bands : Direct Control (US), Spermbirds (DE), Cockroach (NL), Vitamin X (NL), Glam (ES), Acephalix (US), Citizens Patrol (NL), Night Birds (US), The Shining (NL), Cut Here! (BE), Wanderlust (NL) + 4 more.

28/09/2011 - The Specials (Ska) @ AB Brussels. €38 vvk (sjonge jonge)