Past concerts

1) 28/04/2009 Unkind (Fin), Link, Idiot Convention - AC De Noodzaak Ghent

2) 16/05/2009 Agathocles, Finisterre (Ger), Tunguska (Ire), Intestinal Disease, Ulrikes Dream, Siphilisation - JH Sojo Leuven. Benefit for Lappersfort (an occupied forest - rip - in Bruges, Belgium)

3) 05/06/2009 Inepsy (Can), Visions of War, Alpinist (Ger), Nahende Vernichtung, Downfall of Gaia (Ger), Deportation (Hol/Bel), Sangre (Hol) - Together with B-radical - Chaosbar Leuven

4) 21/08/2009 Morne (US), Relics of Future (Ger), Intoblackmirror (Ger), Gura, Unarmed Riot - JH Terlinden Aalst

5) 11/09/2009 Melete (Slo), The Black Gramola Conspiracy (Esp), Sand Creek Massacre (Hol), Silence Means Death - Vort'n Vis Ieper

6) 16/09/2009 Antimaster (Mex), Natures Failure, Indemnity, Luvdump (UK) - Café Molotov Gent

7) 18/09/2009 Luvdump (UK), Jezus of Spazzareth (UK), Lobotomy? - Vort'n Vis Ieper

8) 02/10/2009 November 13th (Ger), Glasses (Ger), Link, A Strenght Within, Midnight Souls - JK De Paddestoel Groot-Bijgaarden

9) 11/10/2009 Witch Hunt (US), Spoonful of Vidocin (US), Ablach (Scot), Joe Pesci (UK) - Together with Stino Bookings - Café Molotov Gent

10) 19/12/2009 Detritus, Cop on Fire - Den Barbaar Gent

11) 26/12/2009 Intestinal Disease, Silence Means Death, Siphilisation - Negasonic Aalst

12) 02/01/2010 Instinct of Survival (Ger), Bacchus (Ire), Divisions Ruin (Ire), Days of Desolation - Ledeberg Gent. Benefit for the squatters movement.

13) 23/02/2010 Meleeh (Swe), Terror Defence (NL), Oathbreaker, Midnight Souls - Frontline Gent

14) 26/02/2010 Deadzone (Fr), Ethnopaire (Fr), Black Out - Den Barbaar, Gent. Benefit for antifascist action.

15) 24/04/2010 Deportation (NL/BE), Luvdump (UK), Flat Back Four (UK), Silence Means Death, Hostilidades - JHT Ternat

16) 16/09/2010 Last under the sun (UK), Hard Voor Weinig (NL) - Den Barbaar, Gent

17) 29/09/2010 Down to Agony (Esp), Eskatologia (Swe) - Chaosbar, Leuven

18) 23/10/2010 Preying Hands (Can), Aguirre (Fr), Geraniüm (Fr), Unarmed Riot, Life Ends (Ger) - Plan Z, Leuven. Benefit for an anarchist center in Paraguay.

19) 19/02/2011 Agathocles, The Usual Suspects, Cop on Fire, Idealus Maximus, Terror Defense, Lobotomy? - JHT Ternat. Benefit for an animal shelter.

20) 05/03/2011 Agathocles, Siphilisation, Nahende Vernichtung, Bagra - Vort'n Vis, Ieper. Benefit for ABC.

21) 02/04/2011 Downfall of Gaia (Ger), Siphilisation, Link, Lost Union - Chaosbar, Leuven. Benefit for Buiten Dienst (anarchist 'magazine').

22) 15/04/2011 Deportation (NL/BE), Al²Ruin, Hostilidades, Empty Bottles - Chaosbar, Leuven. Benefit for anarchist infocenter in Leuven.

23) 23/04/2011 The Usual Suspects, Spanner (UK), Eastfield (UK), Cop on Fire - Plan Z, Leuven.

24) 30/04/2011 Gura, Ulrikes Dream, Asbest, 31840, Pariah - De Overlast, Gent. Benefit for the squatters movement.

25) 20/05/2011 Pektop, Geranium, Vald - Chaosbar, Leuven. Benefit for ABC.

26) 15/07/2011 Hard Charger, Hostilidades, Link - Chaosbar, Leuven. (Goldcrush cancelled their tour, Los Tupas didn't showed up). Benefit for antifascist infomaterial.

27) 22/07/2011 Harsh Marrier, Sensual Noise, Ravaged, Silence Means Death, Deportation, Tuna - De Overlast, Gent. Benefit for Khimki-arrestees.

28) 26/07/2011 Ressurrectionists, Lentic Waters, King Terror, Laatste Halte, Plague Town @ Den Barbaar, Gent.

29) 03/08/2011 Agnosy, Cryhavoc, The Autonomads @ Chaosbar, Leuven. Benefit for anarchist sticker-printing.

30) 17/09/2011 Alpinist, Hessian, Kerouac, Pariso, Midnight Souls, Divine Spark @ Chaosbar, Leuven.

31) 29/09/2011 Test Their Logik, 31840, Woordvoer @ Chaosbar, Leuven.

32) 06/10/2011 Chaosbar Crust Festival day 1 - Police Bastard, Visions of War, Nahende Vernichtung, Last Legion Alive, Derci Goncalves @ Chaosbar, Leuven.

33) 07/10/2011 Chaosbar Crust Festival day 2 - Diktatura Systema, Attrito, Cause of Divorce, Hostilidades, Autonoma Paradise and the Dreadlocks Terror, Ulrikes Dream + Karaoke afterparty @ Chaosbar, Leuven.

34) 08/10/2011 Chaosbar Crust Festival day 3 - Sade, Deafenestration, Sand Creek Massacre, Siphilisation, El Ego, Next Victim, Protest Grotesk @ Chaosbar, Leuven.

35) 21/10/2011 Disgrace and Terror (BRA), Toxic Shock, Fejlfix (Denmark), Idiot Convention @ Vort'n Vis, Ieper. 

36) 25/11/2011 Desalmado (BRA), Ulrikes Dream, Chaka, Link @ Vort'n Vis, Ieper.