About Freedom in Fire

Freedom in Fire basically are some people who organize DIY concerts together in Hellgium. 

We all share anarchist ideas and are strictly antifascist, antisexist and against homophobia .We share a great love for the DIY anarchist scene and for music. We see music (and 'our' concerts) as a way to express our feelings about the world we are living in and to spread ideals, as something that can bond certain groups of people. As we got into anarchism because of music and concerts, we think it's important to try to involve political views as much as possible at our concerts - making them benefits for various actions or groups (an occupied forest, squats, anarchist centers, anarchist publications, antifascist action, animal shelters, people who got arrested, ... ) and trying to spread some information through various channels. 

Racist, sexist or homophobic behavior will not be tolerated - NO DISCUSSION. We don't want it and we hope nobody does. Claiming to be "apolitical" isn't a good coverup for tolerating racism - so don't give us that crap. If you see any behavior of this kind inform us or kick those fuckers out. 

We also believe that everyone should be responsible enough to NOT fuck anything up while being intoxicated, if they feel the urge to get intoxicated. We don't propagate a straight edge lifestyle nor do we propagate intoxication - everyone is free to make those choices themselves, but either way, show some respect towards the people organizing, the venue, the people living there (if it's squatted) and last but not least towards the neighbors. 

As you clearly can see we have our views and we are idealists, however we do organize concerts to have a good time, have a chat with some friends, have a beer (... or 10), listen to some good music, have a dance (nodding with your head counts as dancing, no worries), get the latest record or the occasional merch, meet new people and to get crazy at the afterparty. But as said; we also organize these things to support various causes, to inform people about how we look at the world (and especially at those in power), to let you gather some booklets, stickers, buttons or patches, to discuss various topics, to support those bands who actually have something to say.

Feel free to contact us, if you need help with your tourdates/concert etc etc. We will see what we can do. Please keep in mind we aren't organising shows as our fulltime job... . Also, if anyone has any sort of questions about our views, wants to discuss them, wants to receive some extra information or wants to be more involved, come talk to us at one of our concerts or send us a mail! Our e-mailaddress is freedominfire@riseup.net

We really wouldn't want to trade this for anything in the world, and we hope we can make you feel the same way.

Anarchy, equality and revolt.